Ask and You Shall Receive

This post will be a bit different than my others. No sources or citations, just some thoughts and advice – short and to the point.

Far too many times I see clinicians, colleagues, students, and friends afraid to ask for help or advice. I am not sure why this is the case, but that is probably because that was never my style. I have always had somewhat of a growth mindset that I want to help you, so I wont feel bad if I ask you to help me. Therefore, we will all grow the pie together. Even when I have had others ask me for assistance, I would drop what I was doing to provide the best I could for them.

To this day, I have not come across someone who did not want to help when I asked them. That is especially true in the field of Physical Therapy. It is amazing how open people are if I send them a message on Facebook or email them. Most times I get a response within one day. This same concept was echoed to me in a video I saw recently starring my hero Steve Jobs.

Purpose of the post is to make sure you are not the one that is afraid to ask. Don’t be the one who is a dreamer and not a doer. Learn more about improving your life and tackling “impossible” tasks through an action-mindset here. The concepts outlined in this post are the basis of how this website was formed. Remember, success is not an accident.

Thank you for reading,

Jared Burch, PT, DPT


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